About Us

NESCO LTD formerly operating under the name of Nundanee Company Limited founded the Industrial Products Department in 1979 upon the belief that the latest in Fire Protection Technology must be combined with the highest level of service in order to provide value to our customers. We have grown up rapidly and today we are among leaders in providing advanced fire protection and life safety technology.

We specialize in meeting our customers’ requirements with creative, innovative and cost-effective solutions, no matter how challenging the task might be. We protect our customers from the ravages of fire, help save lives, protect their property and ensure business continuity.

We have departments dedicated for new projects, as well as after sales service for all installed fire protection equipment. We offer the service of our Engineers and Technicians within 24 hours for emergency requirements.

Furthermore we also provide Maintenance Contracts to ensure the smooth functioning of the range of Fire Fighting Systems/Equipment throughout the year to private and public sectors.


NESCO provides the following to our valued clients:

  1. Designing and engineering of all types of fire protection systems
  2. Fire Alarm installation, inspection and repair
  3. Sprinkler system (wet, dry, foam, deluge) installation, inspection and repair
  4. Fire Pump, Fire Hydrant installation, inspection and repair
  5. Clean Agent (FM-200), carbon dioxide installation, inspection and repair
  6. Kitchen Fire Suppression (Range Guard).
  7. Portable Fire Extinguisher installation, inspection and repair
  8. Hydro-testing, recharging and repairs of all types of cylinders
  9. Training and fire drill Facilities
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