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Fire Fighting & Protective Equipment

We supply an expansive range of fire fighting and fire protective equipment to maximise the efficiency of fire fighting and the safety of those who pursue the task.

Fire Alarm Systems

Our state of the art fire detection and alarm systems will give you a head start in defending yourself and your assets against a fire. These systems can be connected directly to local authority to allow them to respond instantaneously.

Health & Safety PPE

We supply personal protective equipment ranging from ear mufflers to steel-toe boots for all purposes.

Conveyor Beltings

We repair and supply rubber belts, nosing and protectors for all types of conveyor belt systems.

Security Cameras

We are experienced installers and suppliers of security cameras and can produce bespoke camera systems tailored to each customer’s requirements.

Packaging - Cling Film & Aluminium Foil

As well as producing quality products, our packaging manufacturers are the leading recyclers of paper and plastics in southern Africa.


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Engineering - Design, Supply & Installations

Our experienced Engineers can conduct detailed studies to determine the most suitable system that will cost-effectively meet your specific fire protection requirement.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our highly skilled Fire Protection technicians provide required inspection of all types of Fire Protection Systems and repair most Fire Protection Systems.


Our instructors assure competency-based training of the highest quality, matched against our national standards. We can implement a CFBT (Compartment Fire Behavior Training) program that will support each particular training.

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